Language Section


Welcome to the References web page of the Language Section of the Department of Conferences and Meetings Management (DCMM).  This web page has been designed to provide translators with user-friendly online tools for locating official OAS documents as well as other reference resources that facilitate their work.

The web page is divided into five sections.  Section I consists of links to documents of the Language Section that are essential to the translation process (glossary, style guide, instructions to search for documents). Section II consists of Executive Orders currently in force on the structure of the Organization and normative/regulatory documents of the various organs, agencies, and entities of the Organization, in the languages available at this time.  Section III comprises links to OAS online documents published by the Councils, secretariats, departments, and other OAS entities in their respective available languages.  Section IV contains links to documents covering various thematic areas currently of interest in OAS policy dialogue as well as diverse internet links to terminology of other organizations and institutions and online dictionaries that could be useful to translators.  Finally, Section V contains links to specialized monolingual, bilingual, and multilingual terminology resources. 

Due to the evolving nature of the work of the OAS, this web page will be updated periodically to reflect relevant changes. 

Language indicators are as follows:        EN = English

                                                          ES = Español

                                                          FR = Français

                                                          PT = Português

Documents essential to the translation process

Normative / regulatory documents of the OAS and its organs, agencies, and entities

Internet links to OAS documents based on area

Links to OAS Thematic Areas, Terminology of other International Organizations, and to online dictionaries

Specialized Terminology Resources